Jacqui Carey                                                                                                     Devon, UK

Jacqui is a maker, teacher, author and researcher of braids, having specialized in the subject since graduating with a degree in woven textiles in 1985. Her work as a practicing craftsperson is known worldwide, and her knowledge shared through teaching and numerous publications. Jacqui has been recognised as a QEST Scholar, and successfully gained an MA distinction in the History of Textile & Dress.

jacqui@careycompany.com  |  www.careycompany.com

Lyn Christiansen                                                                              Massachusetts, USA

Lyn is an eclectic artist whose Kumihimo-based artworks combine braids using a wide range of materials in wall hangings, 3D compositions, and wearables. She also works in stone & glass mosaic, having exhibited and taught at The Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA. She is a retired teacher of innovation, entrepreneurship, & strategy, having served on the faculties of Harvard and Boston Universities.

lync@dellaluxa.com  |  www.dellaluxa.com

Hiroko Ojima                                                                                                   Kochi, Japan

Hiroko Ojima has been making Japanese braids, "Kumihimo", for over 40 years. She is an qualified instructor and the director of the Japan Kumihimo Society. She has received numerous prizes at various exhibitions. Her two books — Kumihimo with Marudai & Ayatakedai and Kumihimo with Takadai & Karakumidai — feature works by Hiroko and her many students. ­


Jennie Parry                                                                                                 Leicester, UK

Founding member of The Braid Society of which she was President from 1996 - 2001. Began kumihimo in 1985 with Catherine Martin, then Rodrick Owen and later Makiko Tada. From the early 90s, has used all 5 Kumihimo stands but has a particular passion for takadai. Exhibits nationally and internationally. Awarded a Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers Bursary in 2012 for the purchase of a three level takadai.

parry.jennie@gmail.com  |  www.jennieparry.co.uk

Makiko Tada                                                                                                       Tokyo, Japan

Makiko Tada has been making Japanese braids, "Kumihimo", for over 45 years. She is both a scholar of the history of and designer of original Kumihimo. She teaches at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. She has published many books about Kumihimo including "Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I to VII". She holds a Doctorate of Engineering.


Helen Vonow                                                                                            Adelaide, Australia

Helen is a felt-maker, braider, and dabbles in other fibre crafts. She is currently president of the Handspinners and Weavers Guild of SA. Helen studied Kumihimo with Makiko Tada and others — maru-dai, taka-dai, and other forms — then drifted. A botanist, she is the Collection Manager at the State Herbarium of South Australia, a consrervationist and amateur mycologist. "I take full responsibility for the way that any idea that goes into my brain emerges irretrievably bent out of shape!"